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  • Weight: our mirrors weigh a fraction of what a plate glass mirror of the same size weighs. For example, our
    standard 4′ x 6′ mirror weighs only 10 pounds and a 4′ x 6′ plate glass weighs approximately
    72 pounds.
  • Installation: because the mirror is so light, it takes only minutes to install.
  • Shatterproof: the mirror will never shatter.
  • Easy to clean: wipe gently with a soft non-abrasive cloth.
  • Acoustical properties: our mirrors, constructed with a foam backing, do not reflect sound back,
    the same way a hard surface plate glass mirror does.


  • Our mirrors can be used almost anywhere that you can hang a mirror!
  • They can even be used in places it would be difficult to use glass mirrors because of our lightweight, shatterproof design.
  • Let us help you design the right mirror for your space. Custom sizes up to 75 inches wide x 16 feet long are available. They may be installed
    horizontally or vertically. We offer many easy mounting solutions.
  • Mount them on our rolling stands and you can store them out of the way when they are not in use, or wall mount them where they can be used every day.
  • Multi-purpose spaces, stage productions and scenery, dressing rooms, fashion shows, merchandising displays, dance and exercise studios, home and commercial gyms, playrooms, ceiling, lobbies, night clubs, casinos, educational facilities, public restrooms, physical therapy facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and theatrical lighting.
  • Theatrical lighting: Glassless Mirrors have also been used for theatrical lighting by placing a bank of panels above the performers and the lighting behind them. This reduces the length of travel of the light beam and increases the intensity of light on the performers. It also allows the lighting operators to see the performers closely and follow them easily.
  • Outdoors: In a warm climate and sheltered location, Glassless Mirrors may be considered for a short term (several months) outdoor exhibit. Glassless Mirrors cannot be used out of doors in a temperate zone climate, because we find that over an extended period of time the polyester film will become brittle.