LiteMirrors are light-weight, shatterproof mirrors made from a highly reflective optical film.

They will not shatter or break into dangerous shards when impacted.

The reflected image is super clear, high definition, and amazingly brighter than glass, acrylic or plastic mirrors.

There is no distortion.

Look for White Board and Cork in ACCESSORIES! Now Multipurpose Mirrors!

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Because of their unique lightweight, shatterproof and fire-rated properties, these mirrors are perfect for:


Production Sets 

Military Bases 

Dance Studios


Yoga Studios

Riding Arenas

Teaching & Training

TV Mirrors (2-way)

Fitness Rooms/Gyms


Security Mirrors (2-way)



Physical Therapy


LiteMirrors are perfect anywhere you can hang a mirror.

Safe and lightweight to place everywhere you can’t hang a glass mirror.

Every mirror is handmade in our factory.

Ask us about reducing your insurance by changing to LiteMirror in your commercial property or school.


LiteMirror can provide expert installation, contact us for rates

Set Designs

Sports Training

Special Events

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ASTM E84 Rating

                           Made in USA

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