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TV Mirrors, Scrim  & 2 Way Mirrors

Our Scrim film offers multiple uses for mirrors.  

Used as a scrim mirror, our frames will be created to act as a two way mirror. 

By using a slightly heavier frame and eliminating the foam backing, these mirrors can be used to cover tv's, create optical illusions and used for security cameras.

This film can also be used in normal mirror frames offering a smokey tint.

TV Mirror On.jpg
TV Mirror.jpg
Two way TV Mirror - turned off
Scrim Mirrors - TV off
Scrim Mirror for Broadway staging

Two way TV Mirror - turned on

Two way TV Mirror - turned on

Scrim mirror with TV on

Mirrors for scenes & sets

Two way TV mirror - turned off

Custom Size Mirrors

Virtually any size or shaped mirrors can be created.   Contact us for pricing per square foot.

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