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About Our Mirrors



LiteMirrors are light-weight, glassless mirrors made from a highly reflective, optical film. Made from film, the mirrors will not shatter. Max weight is 15 lbs for a 6'x8' panel.  Reflecting a super clear, high-definition image, LiteMirrors are amazingly brighter than glass, acrylic, or plastic mirrors and will not shatter or break into dangerous shards when impacted. 

LiteMirror offers a variety of options:

Wall Mounts - 16 Standard sizes to choose from - with or without a wood frame. Can lean safely or mount against a wall.

Portable Mirrors - 16 Standard sizes with choice of stationery or rolling stands, with optional add ons of: whiteboard or cork rear and/or wood frames. 

Stands are 18" deep, mirror sits at 9".  Floor stand adds 2" and rolling stand add 3" to overall height of mirror.  Portable stands are aluminum or can be painted black or white.

Ceiling Tiles - 3 sizes to fit in a standard grid or below a grid for a seamless ceiling.  (Also any size mirror can mount directly to a ceiling)

Multipanel Mirrors - Available in 5 sizes from table top for cosmetics/hair/speech therapy to Medium, Large and Extra large for dressing rooms & photography shoots.

Double-Sided - Portable with wood frames

Scrim / TV / Two-way Mirrors When placed in front of a dark surface, such as a tv, it's a regular mirror.  However, when the tv is turned on, you can see through the film, and all images are seen clearly.  TV dimensions are required for a quote

Personalize your mirror with vinyl lettering and logos. Hundreds of fonts available in choice of white, black, blue, red, green, orange or yellow. 

Ask us about reducing your insurance by changing to LiteMirror in your commercial property or school.

Local installation may be available if needed.

Special event? Rentals available for immediate use


All LiteMirrors can be purchased in our SHOP

16 Standard Wall & Portable Panels:

16" x 4'

2' x 6'

2' x 8' 

3' x 6'

3' x 8'

4' x 5'

4' x 6'

4' x 7'

4' x 8'

5' x 5'

5' x 6'

5' x 7'

5' x 8'

6' x 6'

6' x 7'

6' x 8'

Custom Size Panels up to 6' x 20'

only weighing 35 lbs

Custom shapes and color films

Mirror Orientation Options

Floating LiteMirror_edited.jpg

NEW! Floating mirrors:

Portable with no sign of rolling stand in front of the mirror - contact us for pricing

Nesting Mirrors .jpg

Nesting Mirrors:

Portable mirrors can "nest" when not in use for easy storage.

6 stands (as shown), takes up 26" of depth. 

LiteMirror floor stand whiteboard back.jpg
Home Gym LiteMirror.jpg
Rolling Stand Wheels.png
LiteMirror Bulletin Board Mirrors
LiteMirror Dining Room.jpg

Optional wood frame in choice of 3 colors: Black, White or Honey.  Frames are 1 3/4" deep, 3/4" wide

Available for all standard size mirrors

frame hieght black.jpg
frame width black.jpg
white frame .jpg
honey frame 2.jpg
tabletopmakeup w measurements.jpg

Multi-Panel Sizes:

12" x 16"    Small 3 panel tri-fold

16" x 48"   Medium 3 panel tri-fold

24" x 72"   Large 3 panel tri-fold

                 (2) 2' x 6'  & (1) 4' x 6'  

                 Extra large 3 panel tri-fold

24" x 72"   2 panel bi-fold

16" x 84"   4 panel Room Divider

All multipanel mirrors can be wood-framed, have whiteboard, cork or wall paper backing options.

contact for additional information and pricing.

Event and Step & Repeat, Infinity Boxes


4 Panel room dividers to brighten up every room.

MultiPanel Wood Framed
Scrim - Two Way Film

Scrim Film is see-through film.

When placed in front of a dark surface, such as a tv, it's a regular mirror.  However when the tv is turned on, you can see through the film and all images are seen clearly.

All scrim mirrors are made to order and can include a wood frame.  

Full dimensions of the tv should be provided including depth from front of tv to the wall.

For quotes and information, contact

or call   1 914 231 7330

TV Mirror.jpg
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