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5' tall
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6' tall
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LiteMirror Outdoor NY 2.jpg
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with bird saver

About LiteMirror Arena Mirrors


Made from polyester film, LiteMirror will not shatter or break into dangerous shards when impacted. This key feature provides piece of mind when it comes to the safety of your riders and horses.

The mirror will never shatter and are extremely light weight.  All standard size panels weigh less than 15 lbs. 

Visit SHOP page for sizes and pricing of our standard mirrors.  Please note we manufacture custom size panels too.


LiteMirror is lighter, brighter & safer

All LiteMirror Arena Mirrors are durable and safe for indoor and outdoor applications.  Kindly contact us or request a Quote and we will provide the specific information required to ensure long term enjoyment of your mirrors. Including protecting your mirrors for indoor and outdoor use.  We have solutions for bird strikes and covers for arena mirrors.


LiteMirror is lighter, brighter & safer

LiteMirror Colorado Horse.jpg

Popular sizes for arena mirrors are typically 4' x 8',  5' x 8' and 6' x 8'   or inquire about custom size panels. 

All of our arena mirrors come reinforced with specific mounting brackets already attached for an easy installation.

Please inquire via email or Call 1 833 9 MIRROR

Roller Shade Options


Our arena mirrors are extremely versatile and safe.  In order to protect your investment and the longevity of your mirrors, we recommend that the mirrors are covered when placed outdoors to protect them from other animals charging at themselves, windblown debris or birds flying into them (but the birds won't get hurt) or during events hosted at your arena.


Similarly, for indoor arenas to protect the mirrors while horses are turning out and from birds flying into the mirrors.  


Feel free to create your own cover for the mirrors or purchase our LiteMirror Arena Shades.  The shades are placed in front of your mirrors and are easily raised and lowered when needed by using a remote control for electric or solar powered shades or with a manual crank.  They are customized to match the height and width of your arena mirrors.

Shades purchased simultaneously with the mirrors will enjoy a 35% discount.  There are many textures and colors to choose from.  Below are some samples.

If you are interested in learning more about our shades, please email or call 1 (914) 231-7330.   

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