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About LiteMirror Arena Mirrors



Made with polyester film, LiteMirror Arena Mirrors are the perfect accompaniment for indoor and outdoor riding arenas because of their shatterproof qualities. With peace of mind that LiteMirror will not break into dangerous shards upon impact, horses and riders can experience long-term enjoyment, safely. 

With all standard-size panels weighing less than 15 lbs, LiteMirrors are durable in all applications and are lighter, brighter, and safer than the glass alternative. Popular sizes for arena mirrors are typically 4' x 8',  5' x 8', and 6' x 8', or inquire about custom-size panels. 


All Arena Mirrors come reinforced with specific mounting brackets attached for easy installation.


Extended use of Arena Mirrors is guaranteed when purchasing or constructing mirror coverings of your choice. LiteMirror provides multiple covering options available for purchase.

Visit our shop to purchase standard-size panels, or submit a quote for custom sizes via email or by filling out our quote form 

Before purchasing or installing Arena Mirrors from LiteMirror, please review the details on Information and Care 

Only LiteMirror designs arena mirrors. *patent pending

Kind words from our arena clients

Eric S, MD

"It's been over a year since I installed the shades on my 64' of outdoor LiteMirrors.

In my first year with the mirrors, several were ripped due to bird strikes. Installing Birdsavers reduced, but did not eliminate the bird strikes and tears.

I am happy to report that in the year since installing the shades I have had no bird strikes and both the mirrors and shades look as good as the day I installed them.

I highly recommend installing the shades over outdoor arena mirrors. It is clear that this combination will result in many years of happy ownership.

Thanks again for your great service."

Videos of our screens and shades

Screens and shades will provide protection for longterm enjoyment of your mirrors. Choice of manual, electric or solar powered motors.  

An extended screen can protect wind from blowing onto the film while also allowing utilization of the mirrors as the image is clearly visible while extended.  It also protects from windblown debris and bird damages when mirrors are not in use.

Motorized shades is a simple and easy way to protect your mirrors from damages in your outdoor arena.  Go the extra step for long term enjoyment of your LiteMirrors.  

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