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How is a LiteMirror Made? 

Our glassless mirrors are made from a highly reflective metalized film. The film is vacuum-stretched around an aluminum frame to form a mirror. The raised lip of the frame provides an air space between the back of the film and the rigid foam core inside.

Does a LiteMirror weigh as much as a glass mirror?

No, a glassless mirror is a fraction of the weight of a glass mirror. For example, a glassless mirror panel 48″ x 72″ x 1 1/4” weighs approximately 10 pounds and a glass mirror of the same size weighs approximately 72 pounds.

Will a LiteMirror break or shatter like glass?

No, a glassless mirror has an inherent safety factor because of its soft surface and is lightweight. However, if you were to hit it, you could puncture or tear the surface, but there will be no shards of broken glass.

Does a LiteMirror panel have value as a thermal insulation?

Yes, the polyurethane foam makes a glassless mirror panel a thermal insulator. The foam itself has an “R” value of 3.3 to 6.5 and the reflective quality of the film with its dead air space enhances this value.

What is the thickness of the film?

The film is the industry standard of 1.42mil.

Can a LiteMirror be used as an optical or front surface mirror?

Yes, a special grade of glassless mirror (94% reflectivity) is made specifically for use as front surface mirrors for optical purposes. These are available on special order (call for quote) and are most often used instead of glass when large-size optical mirrors are required. We suggest that for optical applications, the projected image be contained within 1″ of the edges of the glassless mirror surface to avoid minor image distortions that would be magnified in projection. Glassless mirrors used for general purposes have a reflection of 85-86%.

Can a LiteMirror panel be used outdoors?

Yes - it can be used outdoors, but we would need to know at the time of placing the order. Special considerations are made for outdoor mirrors, however, they must be protected from windblown debris and birdstrikes.

What is the delivery time of an order?

LiteMirrors are made to order and are expected to ship out approximately 3 weeks from the order date. Actual delivery times may vary, it may take 1-4 days to arrive. We can arrange a specific delivery day if needed. For very large quantities, we will discuss the order and delivery time with you.

Tracking information will be provided when it ships. Please check your spam folder.

What should I expect once my LiteMirror arrives?

Inspect all boxes before accepting the shipment and signing the delivery receipt. Damaged boxes should not be accepted. If the boxes have visible damage, they must be shown to the driver immediately. If possible, that box should be opened and contents inspected by the receiver AND delivery driver to ensure the mirrors are in pristine condition.  If you are receiving multiple boxes, inspect all and only accept the boxes in good condition. We will send replacements for the returned boxes.


NO MIRROR SHIPS with scratches, holes, or marks. If there are any of these issues, it would be due to shipping or during the removal of the mirror from the box. Please read ALL INSTRUCTIONS prior to opening the box. LiteMirror is NOT responsible for the damages incurred by the customer or by the freight company.


This includes any scratches, holes, wrinkles, or marks incurred while opening the box.


Have assistance when carrying boxes. Freight drivers are not allowed in homes. LiteMirror will not be responsible for damages to the mirror during installation – this includes twisting or forcing the mirror.

How should I unbox my LiteMirror?

Avoid dropping the box, never use a knife to remove the silver protective cover, and do not lay it flat.  

All mirrors are packed and handmade to order.  NO MIRROR SHIPS with scratches.  If there is a scratch, it would be due to shipping (so check the boxes before accepting them) or when unpacking from the box.  Please remove the entire lid of the box prior to removing the mirror.  DO NOT SLIDE THE MIRROR OUT FROM THE SIDE.  All shipments are curbside delivery unless otherwise noted and paid for.

LiteMirror will not be held responsible for damage incurred during shipment or while opening the box.


Never drop the box, do not lay it flat and DO NOT USE a knife. Open the box lid entirely and lift it off. DO NOT DRAG BOX OUT OF SIDE. Lift off the lid entirely.

How do I clean my LiteMirror? 

The film is tough but can be damaged by fingernails or sharp instruments. If cared for properly, it should last indefinitely. Handle by holding along edges only and do not press down on the mirror surface with your hands. Do not put any weight or objects on the mirror surface when it is in a horizontal position.


Before attempting to clean the mirror, use dry compressed air to make sure all dust and debris are off the mirror surface (i.e. Dust Off). To easily clean finger marks or splashes, use a window cleaner by wiping gently with a soft, non‐abrasive cloth like microfiber. Any dust or hard particles in the cloth or on the mirror may scratch the film's surface. Do not use paper towels or tissues, which are usually abrasive.


An interesting property of glassless mirrors is that they do not normally fog in high-humidity areas such as bathrooms or swimming pools. Should the film adhere to the backing panel, blow gently into the vent hole in the back of the panel.

Can a LiteMirror panel be cut or fitted on a job site?

No, each panel is a structural entity and cannot be cut in the field. Cutouts for HVAC and electrical can be made at our factory to your specifications, upon receipt of your drawings.

Does a LiteMirror panel have an acoustical dampening property?

Yes, because of its structural nature, a glassless mirror panel tends to absorb sound rather than reflect it the way a hard polished surface material (such as glass) will. A glassless mirror panel has sound-absorbing properties that become stronger as the frequency (Hz) range grows higher, making the glassless mirror panel particularly effective for public gathering places and schools with high noise levels

Can a LiteMirror be decorated, painted on, etc.?

Yes, a glassless mirror panel can be silkscreened or painted with acrylic paints for decorative effects or graphic treatments.

What happens if there are dimples or wrinkles on my LiteMirror?

A heat gun (approx. 300°F temperature) can be used to remove "dimples" or wrinkles from the mirror.  Hold the heat gun more than 2" away from the mirror. Keep the heat gun moving in a circular fashion working towards the outside edge to avoid burning the mirror film.

What is LiteMirror's limited warranty policy?

LiteMirror/Glassless Mirror Manufacturers Inc. will only accept returns due to manufacturing defects. This warranty lasts for the period of 90 days from the date of sale.

What are LiteMirror's Terms and Conditions?

All customers must pay for mirrors at the time of placing the order. Dealers may apply for a net 30 days term with credit application. Returns will not be accepted unless authorized by Glassless Mirror Manufacturers, Inc. If the mirror is damaged by the freight carrier, refuse it, write a report and if possible, take pictures. Mirrors must be returned in original packaging and in good condition. Customers will be charged a 25% restocking fee for stock-size mirrors and must be shipped pre-paid freight. No return on custom-size mirrors. Glassless Mirror Manufacturers, Inc. will charge 40% of the list price to resurface mirrors.

Terms and Conditions (click for information)

Cleaning a glassless mirror

The Mirrors are anti-static. However, if necessary, blow off dust using Dust Off (or for outdoor mirrors, a leaf blower).  Simply spot clean where necessary, using a soft nonabrasive cloth, like  microfiber, simply spot clean fingerprints or marks.  Use a small amount of window cleaner, sprayed onto the cloth if required.

        How to fix a mirror

Using a heat gun or hot blow dryer keeping it 3" away from the mirror, wave the dryer back & forth several times.  Do not leave the heat gun in one spot as it can burn the mirror.  Move the gun away from mirror to see the ripples disappear.

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