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Arena Mirror Information & Care

Before purchasing your LiteMirror Arena Mirrors, it's important to review the below information details, specifications, and care instructions


Made from polyester film, LiteMirrors will not shatter or break into dangerous shards when impacted. This key quality provides peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your riders and horses.


Each LiteMirror panel is made with aluminum extrusions and rigid foam core insertions. The panel's perimeter is constructed with a small lip that allows for the vacuum-plated polyester film to be stretched and treated forming the LiteMirror surface.  As a result, LiteMirrors are extremely lightweight, and gorgeously more reflective than other mirror alternatives. All standard-size panels weigh less than 15 lbs.


Feature benefits of LiteMirror:

  • Do not shatter

  • Zero glass-related vet or hospital visits 

  • Mirrors can be resurfaced for 40% at any time which ensures lifelong enjoyment 


Arena LiteMirrors come with reinforcements and mounting brackets already attached for an easy installation. Do not over-tighten screws. Please note that wood changes its composition in heat, humidity, and cold weather. It is best to use pressure treated which can also change slightly in weather conditions. If the LiteMirrors are overtightened, the LiteMirrors may get distorted or twist as the wood changes. LiteMirror is not responsible for these damages.


DO NOT FORCE OR TWIST PANELS during installation. 

For indoor arenas, we recommend mounting the LiteMirrors above the kick wall. If there are birds inside your arena, there are precautions you can take to ensure the birds don’t fly into the mirrors. To avoid damage from bird strikes, we recommend protecting the mirrors when not in use. 

For outdoor arenas, we highly recommend bundling LiteMirrors with shades, screens, or other DIY coverings to ensure the long-term enjoyment of the mirrors. Coverings prevent dust, wind, bird strikes, and other natural elements from damage. LiteMirror sells Arena Shades and Screens separately and can assist you in selecting just the right application for your arena. Choice of manual, electric, or solar-powered motors is available.  

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Cleaning instructions

The film is tough, but it can be damaged by fingernails or sharp instruments. If cared for properly, it should last indefinitely.

Handle each LiteMirror by holding it along the edges only and avoid pressing down on the LiteMirror surface with your hands. Do not put any weight or object on the LiteMirror itself.

While the LiteMirrors are generally anti-static, dust from arenas can settle on the mirror surface. In this case, blow off any dirt with compressed air, or for larger LiteMirrors, use a leaf blower.


Spot clean by spraying glass cleaner on a clean, soft non-abrasive cloth, such as microfiber, and wipe gently. For larger areas, contact us for additional information.

Shades and screens

protective shade and screen options for LiteMirror arena mirrors

In order to protect your investment and the longevity of your arena mirrors, it's recommended to bundle mirrors with shades or screens. 

Shades and screens protect the mirrors from bird strikes and other animals from charging at themselves, and windblown debris when the mirrors are not in use.

Shades and screens are placed in front of your LiteMirrors and can be easily raised or lowered with a remote control for electric or solar-powered shades or with a manual crank. Shades and screens are customizable to match the height and width of your mirrors and the aesthetic of your arena.

When bundling purchases of shades or screens with LiteMirrors, customers receive a 15% discount.

If you are interested in learning more about our shades, please email or call 1 (914) 231-7330.   

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For installation, shades and screens tutorials, please visit our YouTube

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