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Installation instructions below- Arena mirror instructions provided with shipment:
How To Attach Stands 

Shipping information:

Please follow the below instructions: 

Please inspect all boxes before accepting shipment and signing delivery receipt.  If the boxes have visible damage, it must be shown to the driver immediately. If possible, that box should be opened and contents inspected by receiver AND driver to ensure the mirrors are in pristine condition.  

Never drop the box, do not lay it flat and DO NOT USE a knife to remove the silver protective cover.  If the mirrors are damaged, refuse delivery. 

If you are receiving multiple boxes, inspect all and only accept the boxes in good condition.

We will send replacements for the returned boxes.

All mirrors are packed and handmade to order.  NO MIRROR SHIPS with scratches.  If there is a scratch, it would be due to shipping (so check the boxes before accepting them) or when unpacking from the box.  Please remove the entire lid of the box prior to removing the mirror.  DO NOT SLIDE MIRROR OUT FROM THE SIDE.  All shipments are curbside delivery unless otherwise noted and paid for.

LiteMirror will not be held responsible for damage incurred during shipment or while opening the box.

Cleaning Instructions:

The film is tough, but can be damaged by fingernails or sharp instruments. If cared for properly, it should last indefinitely. Handle by holding along edges, only do not press down on mirror surface with your thumbs when holding mirror along edge. Do not put any weight or object on mirror surface when it is in a horizontal position.


Before attempting to clean the mirror, use dry compressed air to make sure all dust and debris are off the mirror surface (i.e. Dust Off). To easily clean finger marks or splashes, use a window cleaner by wiping gently with a soft, non‐abrasive cloth- microfiber cloths works best. Any dust or hard particles in the cloth or on the mirror may scratch the film surface. Should the film adhere to the backing panel, blow gently into the vent hole in the back of the panel.


Dimples or wrinkles on mirror:  A heat gun (approx. 300°F temperature) can be used to remove "dimples" or wrinkles from the mirror.  Hold the heat gun more than 2" away from the mirror. Keep the heat gun moving in a circular fashion working towards outside edge to avoid burning the mirror film.

Terms and Conditions (click for information)

Cleaning a glassless mirror

The Mirrors are anti-static. However, if necessary, blow off dust using Dust Off (or for outdoor mirrors, a leaf blower).  Simply spot clean where necessary, using a soft nonabrasive cloth, like  microfiber, simply spot clean fingerprints or marks.  Use a small amount of window cleaner, sprayed onto the cloth if required.

        How to fix a mirror

Using a heat gun or hot blow dryer keeping it 3" away from the mirror, wave the dryer back & forth several times.  Do not leave the heat gun in one spot as it can burn the mirror.  Move the gun away from mirror to see the ripples disappear.

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