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Shipping time!

We know you're excited to receive your mirror(s) and we're excited and thankful for your purchase! 


PLEASE read the below!


LiteMirror will not be held responsible for damages incurred during shipment or while opening the box.

THIS INCLUDES HOLES, WRINKLES, ABRASION MARKS AND DENTS TO THE FRAME.  If the package looks damaged, beaten or dented, DO NOT ACCEPT IT.  Refuse delivery and let us know - we will happily replace the damaged shipment.  

If you accept it and sign the delivery receipt, you're essentially saying the mirrors and package is fine.  

If you're unsure - tell the driver you would like to open the box to inspect it.  OR contact us at 914 231 7330 and we can provide you with a cell phone number to have FaceTime to advise if you should accept the freight.


Have assistance when carrying boxes. Freight drivers are not allowed in homes. 

Anything accepted and later discovered to be damaged, THE CUSTOMER IS AT A LOSS AND NO CLAIM CAN BE MADE. Never drop the box, do not lay it flat and DO NOT USE a knife.

Open the box lid ENTIRELY and lift it off. DO NOT DRAG BOX OUT OF SIDE. The staples on the box will tear the film. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

If you are receiving multiple boxes, inspect all and only accept the boxes in good condition. We will send replacements for the returned boxes.

All mirrors are packed and handmade to order. NO MIRROR SHIPS with scratches, tears, dents or black abrasions.

2 mirrors of same size will be packed together in 1 box, face to face but with a wooden bracket holding them apart from the backs of the mirrors.  

Freight drivers may try to say the box is ok, or there's no sound coming from inside the box - well obviously - because our mirrors are made from film and do not break into dangerous shards of glass.

Freight carrier and tracking information is provided once the freight leaves the factory - check their websites with the tracking number to follow your delivery!

Please see the images below to understand what should NOT be accepted.

Acceptable freight

Single box.jpg
Pallet freight.jpg

Unacceptable Freight



Damage Pic.jpg


We've seen it all!  This is just a very small sampling of packages accepted when they should not have been. 

Contact us before the driver leaves if unsure!

Dented Box.jpg


Black abrasion marks.jpg
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