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Penguin Collection

Black mirrors add a sleek, and sophisticated design element to residential and commercial spaces.


Available in 13 standard sizes. Inquire for custom panels. 


Wall mount mirrors come with mounting brackets already attached or can also lean freely against a wall. All above mirror panels weigh less than 15 lbs. Frames add 2 -3 lbs.


LiteMirror - Shatterproof, Lighter, Brighter and Safer for everyone and any application. 

Penguin Collection

  • Our LiteMirrors are made of a highly reflective film, stretched over a solid lightweight aluminum frame.

    ​All LiteMirrors come with pre-drilled holes to be use for horizontal or vertical position. 

    Cleaning is easy.  Spot clean with a soft cloth and window cleaner if needed.  Do not use paper towels.

    LiteMirrors are lighter, brighter and safer with no distortion.

    Safe to place everywhere!

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